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التعليم العربي المفتوح

مها عبدالعزيزالحميدي

محاضرفي قسم المحاسبة -جامعة الأميرة نورة

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  • أنثى

  • 1984-03-05

  • المملكة العربية السعودية

  • ماجستير


2009 Audit and Review (PNU) with department of Scientific Research.

2009-2013 Lecturer assistant (PNU- Accounting Department), provide courses on Principles of Accounting.

2012 IQRA Library coordinator (PNU- Accounting Department).

2014 Researcher and Trainee (Ibrahim Alsubail and Co; review tasks as a trainee on 1 semester).

2014-2018 Lecturer (PNU- Accounting Department), provide Accounting courses.

2012-2017 Active members on student conferences.

2014 Completes 120 hours of training as a requirement for graduation

 2015 Distinguished member of the tests committee.

2014-2017 Provides 2 workshops (1-Ethics of Scientific Research, 2-Manage the costs of small biasness)

2013-2018 Supervisor of Student Projects:

   2012 Arabic research (Arab Universities and Development) as a participant in the 15th Creative Student Forum of Imam University

   2015 Balance Scour Card (Saudi Companies)

   2017-2018 Identification of Direct and Indirect costs and Prepare Financial Statement for Small Biasness

2017 Statistical Analysis Course

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